Binary ~ G.O.D

Music Video

Binary’s G.O.D takes a depressing look at life in a fictional factory world of geometric precision – under the scrutinising gaze of a militant foreman – before spectacularly turning the whole scene on its head in an exuberant wash of vibrant colour.

The video has been screened at a number of different festivals across the world and also won best music video at Sehsuchte Festival 2013.

Design and Direction - Tom Bunker & Nicos Livesey

Lead Animators 2D and 3D - Blanca Martinez de Rituerto & Joe Sparrow
Secondary 2D Animation - Andy Baker, Tom Bunker, Nicos Livesey

Written and Produced by BINARY
Recorded by Darren D Lawson
Mixed by Sean Beavan
Echoplex 2013